Do you offer wholesale or bulk orders?


Love this idea! But, we are not quite ready for retailers to be reselling our products just yet. As exciting as this is! We're super-focused on getting the B2C side of our closed loop supply chain rocking first. 👊

Offering Retailers a chance to sell our products is definitely in the works, for sure!

So, if you'd like to express your interest, we can add you to the list of folks who are keen to know when this is up and running.

Email us at and we shall get in touch.


Great question! 

We LOVE partnering with businesses and brands who wish to use the Zero Co products within their business.  Even better to showcase to their customers and audience somehow 😎 

Perhaps you have an Airbnb (or a couple!), or an eco Cleaning Biz, or your hardworking team are demanding that you use only Zero Co products in the Office (fully support THIS!)....we should probably chat, pronto!

We have been offering a bulk discount to super cool people like this, and it looks a little something like this:
$500 minimum order spend, giving you a solid 10% OFF

*Note: this bulk discount only applies to Orders delivered to one location.

If this sounds like a sweet deal to you, let's take this relationship to the next level 🥰 

Send us an email with details about your business and needs, and we can hook you up with the very VIP discount code to get this party started 🥳