Is this a subscription service?

We don't offer a subscription model just yet...but we are working on it!

Launching a super duper subscription service is (among other things) our 2022 New Years Resolution 🥳

We want to make re-ordering with us and our closed loop model easy breasy, so we are working on a subscription service for those who want it 👊🏼 We are hoping to trial this service in the early months of 2022 so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for updates and let us know if this takes your fancy.

We want to make sure that our subscription offering can be tailored to suit you and your household needs so it will take us some time to build so it's super smart and intuitive. Stay tuned!

Subscriptions not your thing? No problemo, simply jump online and re-order those refills when you get you go 😎