My pump or nozzle isn't working!

Checkout our fixture demos if you're in a pickle, or if you think you have a faulty one, we can help 👩‍🔧

Pop your Pump

Having problems with your Handwash or Bodywash pump not popping up? We've got you covered!

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Squeeze your Spray

Our Air Freshener dispensers have a locking mechanism, so they only spray when YOU want them to! You will notice a small button on the spray trigger with the words OFF on one side and ON on the other. Make sure the button is pressed in on the ON side. 

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Spray Bottles

Our MPC, Bathroom Cleaner & Stain Remover spray nozzles have 2 settings, OFF and SPRAY. Make sure you have it twisted to have the word SPRAY facing up when you are ready to use your cleaner. 

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And if all else fails? 👉 Please grab a new fixture here 👈

If you have a faulty, lost or damaged fixture, we can definitely hook you up with a new one! So... if your pump isn't pumping or your spray nozzle isn't spraying as intended, checkout our fixtures here.


Just make sure you pinky promise to return the faulty nozzle to us in your Return Mailer (alongside your 15 empty pouches), as we'd love to avoid these ending up in Landfill!