Why did you make your Dishwashing Liquid Refills bigger?

Our dishwashing liquid is bulking up but the price isn't (because we listen to you)!

In January this year (2021), we sent out a survey to a heap of our legendary customers and the feedback was pretty overwhelming: 'make the dishwashing liquid bigger, or else!'.

So we set to work doubling the size of the refill pouch to 1 litre (from 500mls) and negotiating a handsome volume discount with our local manufacturer.

And we're super pumped to report that from April 9, we're doubling the size of the pouch but not the price because we're passing that discount straight onto customers. Howzat?!

We made a promise that our planet-friendly, plastic-busting products would always be competitively priced with big name supermarket brands.

To prove we're delivering on our promise, here's our dishwashing liquid pricing for 100ml side by side with comparable supermarket alternatives:


Brand Price per 100mls
Zero Co (yay) $1.10
Organic Choice $1.00
Palmolive Eco $1.11
Method $1.27


So what's gonna happen to the old 500ml pouches? Aren't you guys supposed to be a zero waste company? You're not going to send them to landfill are you?

No, we're not sending any pouches to landfill. Ever.

We've been working on a plan for about 6 months to figure out what to do with pouches that break, rip, tear or for whatever reason reach the end of their usable life as a Zero Co pouch. We've been working with our legendary recycled pouch manufacturer to see if we can turn our old pouches into re-usable return envelopes (to replace the recycled cardboard one's we're using right now). And that friends, is what's going to happen to our 500ml dishwashing pouches...they're going to be turned into our 2nd generation re-usable return envelopes. You'll most likely get one of these return envelopes made from old dishwashing liquid pouches in the not too distant future!


Soooo...we guess....the dishes are DONE, man!