October 2021 Delivery Delays

Australia Post are currently backlogged, so please bear with us whilst we get your goodies delivered!

The current Covid-19 challenges in Australia are presenting some large logistic problems for Aus Post. As a result, your order may be experiencing some delivery delays 📦 


This is primarily due to:

  • Aus Post staff shortages
  • Aus Post temporary facility closures; and
  • Parcel volumes as high as Christmas peak period

Hence, there is a humongous backlog of parcels to be processed! Aus Post have confirmed that they are working around the clock to get all parcels processed ASAP, so please refer to your unique tracker for all updates!


We understand these are difficult times at the moment, so we really appreciate your patience and we hand on heart apologise for any delays experienced. 


If you're super into detail, you can read the latest Aus Post service updates over here.