How can I access my past orders to make reordering and refilling a breeze?

Log in to your Zero Co account and follow the push buttons to reorder any of your past orders.

So you've ordered with us before (bravo) and you're back to reorder. Here is how you can find and replace your past orders. 

  1. Log in to your account.
    1. Don't have an account? Contact our Customer Service Heroes here and they will help you.
  2. Go to your My Orders page (The site takes you straight here when you log in)
  3. Click on the any of the reorder tabs to place those exact items in your cart.
  4. You can directly remove items from here and add items new items from the store.
  5. When you are finished shopping, and your conscious cart is full of plastic busting do-goodies, you're good to check out!

Here's a neat quick flick to show you how: 

Zero Co Australia - Google Chrome 2021-04-07 16-12-26